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Welcome to the You CI Can Hear Now blog! My name is Samantha and I am a Pediatric Audiologist helping little ears one at a time. I was identified with severe sensorineural hearing loss at 18 months old and was immediately fit with hearing aids and attended a Total Communication program where I learned both sign and spoken language. I now wear a hearing aid and a cochlear implant.

In medical terms I'm hard-of-hearing - in audiology terms I'm bimodal - in cool terms I'm bionic!


I enjoy drinking fancy coffee, trying new foods, and traveling the world. I have many other side hobbies that I can't wait to share with you. The purpose of this blog is to have somewhere to share information and resources that would be useful for YOU as well as a place to share my day to day adventures to hopefully inspire you.


No matter where you are in your journey I hope that my journey will inspire you to reach for the stars. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! Feel free to reach out or send some love in the comments. I would love to shine a light on those who have a small business related to the hard of hearing world or those who have stories that must be shared to spread awareness. If you are interested in collaborations or working together, please email me at Be sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter too!

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How To Protect Your Hearing Devices

Updated: May 21

Waterproof, Dirtproof, and Sweatproof Options!

Did you purchase a kiddie pool for the backyard? A slip N' slide? If you are in need of waterproof or water resistant options, read on below!


Are there really waterproof options available? Yes! See my tips below for each cochlear implant manufacturer. I also include some tips for hearing aid users! If you have other ideas, please share in the comments so I can learn from you.

1. Use your waterproof accessory. All cochlear implant companies have a way to make your CI waterproof.

  • Advanced Bionics has the AquaCase ™ which has an IP68 rating which protects from dirt, water, and sand. This is used with the Naida Q70 and Q90 devices. AB also carries the only waterproof device on the market, the Neptune. The Neptune is a body-worn device and is completely waterproof. After said event, rinse the processor with tap water to clean it.

  • Cochlear Americas has the Aqua+. A flexible watertight housing or as I like to call wetsuit for your processor, N6 or N7. It also requires a waterproof headpiece. If you or your child wear a Kanso, they have the Aqua+ for the Kanso too!

  • Med-El is known for their WaterWear, which is a reusable waterproof cover that you slip your processor into and fix into place by a single-use adhesive strip. It allows for up to nine uses per sleeve. It’s not my favorite way of protecting your hearing device as it seems like the potential for leakage could happen. The WaterWear is used with the Sonnet, Opus 2, Rondo, and Samba.

2. What about my hearing aids?!

  • Purchase EarGear for your device. These soft, acoustically transparent spandex sleeves often come with a stretchy cord, O-ring and durable strong locking clip, and are made to protect your devices from dirt, sweat, & moisture. They even have a 1 year 100% unconditional guarantee AND you can have one custom made like the picture below!

3. If you don’t have any of the above waterproof devices or sleeves. A suggestion (for powder color events only) is to wear a bandana or headband that covers the devices.

  • A swim cap could work too! You mainly want to protect the microphones and battery area.

4. My least favorite recommendation is choosing not to wear the devices.

  • You could take your devices off and put them away in your trusty case. But, then you’re missing out on all of the music, laughter, and the sound it makes when the powder explodes onto a person. It would be the last resort recommendation.


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