Hearing Loss Blog!

Welcome to the You CI Can Hear Now hearing loss blog! My name is Samantha and I work as a Pediatric Audiologist. I was diagnosed with severe sensorineural hearing loss at 18 months old and subsequently fit with hearing aids.

I attended a Total Communication program where I learned both sign and spoken language. By age 5, I attended mainstreamed Kindergarten – read more about my story here!

In my twenties, I received a cochlear implant for my left ear. I wear a hearing aid in the other ear. Join me in learning all about hearing loss, cochlear implants & hearing aids, and my tips & tricks for the deaf & hard-of-hearing. 

In my free time I love trail running, playing volleyball, tending to my plant babies, drinking copious amounts coffee (specifically white chocolate mochas), cooking delicious food, traveling the world (pre-COVID),  living a healthy lifestyle, and most of all hanging out with Rocket. I have many other side hobbies that I can’t wait to share with you!


You CI Can Hear Now is a place for anyone with hearing loss. A space for you to learn about the deaf and hard of hearing community, obtain resources for you and your family, and grow in your new journey with deafness.

No matter where you are in your journey, I hope that I can shed some light on how to have a successful life living with hearing loss. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!

Let’s Connect!

I would love to shine a light on those who have a small business related to the hard of hearing world or stories meant to spread hearing loss awareness. If you are interested in collaborations or working together, please email me at youcicanhearnow@gmail.com.

How To Interpret Audiograms Handbook

P.S. – Be sure to check out my book, Rapid Audiogram Interpretation: A Clinician’s Manual.  A manual which provides a methodical, step-by-step approach for interpreting audiograms. Trainees and experienced clinicians, as well as non-audiologists in related fields, will benefit from this unique workbook and easy-to-remember interpretation process.